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Amathus Aegeas Ltd provides all of its services in all Cyprus ports. Limassol Port Co-ordinates: Lat 34* 39’N, Long 33* 01’E Berth: 4 Quays of 1980m total length Max Draft: 14m Max LOA: 400m Depth of Water Entrance channel: 17 Ship turning circle: 15m Northern: 11m, Western: 11m-13m-14m Eastern: 11m, Southern 14m, Ramp: 14m Larnaca Port Co-ordinates: Lat 34* 55’N, Long 33* 38’E Berth: 2 Quays of 666m leng...

Shipping Dictionary

A AA – Always Afloat AAAA – Always Accessible Always Afloat AARA – Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area ABT – About ADCOM – Address Commission AFSPS – Arrival First Sea Pilot Station (Norway) AFFREIGHTMENT – The hiring of a ship in whole or part AFT – At or towards the stern or rear...

Container Description

The product characteristics that create utility for a container go beyond just providing shock and moisture protection for the contents. A well-designed container will also exhibit ease of use, that is, it is easy for the worker to open or close, to insert or extract the contents, and to handle the container in shipment. In addition, a good container will have convenient and legible labeling locations, a shape that is conducive to efficient...


Group E – Departure: EXW. Ex Works (named place): the seller makes the goods available at his premises. The buyer is responsible for uploading. Group F – Main Carriage Unpaid: FCA. Free Carrier (named place): the seller hands over the goods, cleared for export, into the custody of the first carrier (named by the buyer) at the named place. This term is suitable for all modes of transport, including carriage by air, rail,...

The company is IMS (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001) certified by LRQA (Lloyd’s Register) and is a member of THLG (The Heavy Lift Group), the Cyprus Shipping Association, the International Freight Forwarding Association, the International Air Transport Association. Through its parent company Amathus Corporation Ltd, Amathus Aegeas is also FPAL registered (supplier number 10054007) and is a member of IADC (International Oil Drilling Contractors).
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Etko Harbour Tower, Aktalas Avenue
Cornaro Block, 2nd floor, Limassol, CY-3010, Cyprus
P.O. Box 50046, 3600 Limassol, Cyprus

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